NLF Main Event 2019 Preview

06/07/2018 4:30 AM -

It's time to ball out. The NLF Main Event is finally here. 

Set for Saturday and Sunday at the Sachem Sports Complex in Long Island, the Main Event brings together the country's top teams for a weekend of incredible competition at the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 levels. 

It's a loaded crop of talent unrivaled anywhere in the country. With that in mind, here's a look at each 2019 team's top commits and uncommitted players to keep an eye on this weekend.

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Big 4 HHH
Top commits

Zach Lee, defense, Downingtown East (Pa.) - Syracuse
Aiden Blake, midfield, Haddonfield (N.J.) - Cornell
James Cipolla, attack, Parkland (Pa.) - Ohio State 
Chad Cannon, midfield, Salesianum (Del.) - Providence
Will Hurley, defense, Manheim Township (Pa.) - Michigan

Uncommitted players to watch

Ken Wolfe, attack, Southern Lehigh (Pa.) - Wolfe was the leading scorer for Southern Lehigh this year. He’s ambidextrous and equally dangerous with the ball in his stick and without it. He is a high-end academic student and his intelligence stands out when he’s on the field.

Carson Marano, goalie, Penn Charter (Pa.) - Marano earned first-team All Inter-Ac this year with the lowest goals against average and highest save percentage in one of the country’s most challenging leagues.

Nic Pezone, goalie, Bishop Shanahan (Pa.) - Pezone has helped lead Bishop Shanahan to Saturday’s Pennsylvania state championship game and earned honorable mention All Ches-Mont honors.

Top commits

Xander Martin, defense, Gilman (Md.) - Yale 
Mason Woodward, defense, St. Paul’s (Md.) - Marquette
Owen Cauley, defense, Severn School (Md.) - Penn
Evan Long, goalie, McDonogh (Md.) - Towson
Will Bou, FO/M, Landon (D.C.) - Richmond

Uncommitted players to watch

Mack Daniels, attack, Woodberry Forest (Va.) - Daniels makes up for a relative lack of size with a ton of shiftiness. He keeps his head and hands up to best involve his teammates, he has good vision and quick hands in tight.

Henry Mudlaff, midfield, Gonzaga (D.C.) - A quick, scrappy middie, Mudlaff is good off the wings and adds a ton of toughness to the Crabs’ lineup.

Express North
Top commits

John Schreiber, midfield, Iona Prep (N.Y.) - Johns Hopkins
Tyler Previte, defense, Wilton (Conn.) - Air Force 
Stephen Zupicich, defense, Fordham Prep (N.Y.) - Holy Cross
Ethan Grandolfo, midfield/attack, Fordham Prep (N.Y.) - Air Force
Keegan Doller, midfield, Yorktown (N.Y.) - Geneseo

Uncommitted players to watch

Aiden Wykoff, attack, Fairfield Ludlow (N.Y.) - Wykoff excels at getting separation and shooting off the dodge.

Ryan Low, midfield, Taft (Conn.) - Typically the fastest player on the field, the 5-11 middie has great athleticism.

Marshall Henshaw, midfield, Taft (Conn.) - A 6-footer out of the midfield, Henshaw also has the speed and grades to be a major prospect.

Top commits

Will Frisoli, LSM/D, St. Sebastian’s (Mass.) - Harvard
Peter Davies, attack, Taft (Conn.) - Michigan
Deven Varney, goalie, Roxbury Latin (Mass.) - Penn
Michael Swirbalus, midfield, St. Sebastian’s (Mass.) - Duke
Conor Calderone, FO/M, Smithtown West (N.Y.) - Maryland

Uncommitted players to watch

Matt Rebuck, midfield, Milton Academy (Mass.) - Rebuck is a big lefty shooter who oozes athleticism. He’s got enough shake to routinely break his guy down, and he adds a dynamic touch to the team’s midfield line.

Konrad Knaus, attack, Choate Rosemary Hall (Conn.) - Finishing is Knaus’ game. He uses his big frame and slick hands to thrive inside, but he can also let it fly from outside.

Alexander de Roetth, defense, Tabor Academy (Mass.) - A lefty defenseman with great feet, de Roetth is comfortable chasing guys out to the parking lot. He’s got great hands off the ground and can play either LSM or close defense.

Brodie Rayment, midfield, Belmont Hill (Mass.) - One of the top midfielders in the ISL, Rayment does a little bit of everything well. He’s a top-flight two-way middie who helps out on both EMO and man-down situations.

Zadoc White, midfield, Governor’s Academy (Mass.) - A dynamic midfielder with plenty of shake, White excels at shooting on the run and can hammer it either lefty or righty.

Leading Edge
Top commits

Jack Fabean, defense, Manasquan (N.J.) - Richmond
Jack Ruddy, defense, Hun School (N.J.) - Johns Hopkins
Canyon Birch, attack, Manasquan (N.J.) - Army 
Christian Cechini, attack, Apex (N.C.) - Penn State 
Liam Rosenthal, goalie, Central Bucks East (Pa.) - Robert Morris

Uncommitted players to watch

Matt Angelo, FO/M, Westfield (N.J.) - Angelo has good technique and a handful of counter moves, but he can also handle the ball well once he secures the win. He’s tall and lanky, and he’s also got quick hands.

Joe Cansfield, attack, Delaware Valley (N.J.) - One of the Garden State’s leading scorers this year, Cansfield has all the makings of your classic late bloomer. A tall, rangy lefty with great vision and a basketball background, he has a high IQ and is primed for a breakout summer.

Thomas Ehret, midfield, Lawrenceville (N.J.) - A tough, hard-nosed, throwback two-way middie, Ehret gets it done at both ends of the field. He also has very strong grades, and that intelligence also transfers on to the field.

Lane McCarty, defense, Delaware Valley (N.J.) - McCarty is coming off a strong high school season. His work ethic is his calling card, and he’s a gym rat who has put in the time to get better. McCarty is capable of playing both LSM and close defense.

Greg Moller, midfield, Summit (N.J.) - Moller does very well on the defensive end, but he’s also shown some offensive flash. His high IQ serves him well in all situations.

Long Island Express
Top commits

Jack Monfort, midfield, Syosset (N.Y.) - Yale
Tyler Sandoval, FO/M, Chaminade (N.Y.) - Princeton
Jake Bonomi, midfield/attack, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) - Michigan
Reilly Gray, midfield, Chaminade (N.Y.) - Notre Dame
Edward Arnold, defense, Manhasset (N.Y.) - Penn

Uncommitted players to watch

Roy Meyer, LSM, Chaminade (N.Y.) - A soccer player turned into a lacrosse player, Meyer has outstanding speed and good footwork that lets him stick with just about anyone. Couple that with a very active stick and excellent hands, and you’ve got yourself a superb LSM prospect.

Sean Derby, defense, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) - Derby brings a nasty disposition to the table. A relentless pitbull, he’s also a force on ground balls and is extremely tough.

Michael Farrell, midfield, Manhasset (N.Y.) - A shifty middie who thrives at shooting on the run, Farrell excels between the lines and can also initiate on dodges. He plays hard from start to finish.

Matthew Olsen, defense, Kellenberg (N.Y.) - Olsen loves to initiate contact and loves to be physical all game long. He’s big and strong, too.

Matthew Sluka, midfield, Kellenberg (N.Y.) - An All-Long Island quarterback in the fall, Sluka doubles as a very tough two-way midfielder that is poised for a breakout summer.

Prime Time 
Top commits

Christian Ronda, attack, Brunswick (Conn.) - Princeton
Andrew Calabrese, goalie, Wilton (Conn.) - Navy
Griffen Rakower, goalie, Byram Hills (N.Y.) - Princeton
Joey Corbett, midfield, Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) - Michigan
Scott Stensrud, defense, Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) - Bryant

Uncommitted players to watch

Peter Kavanaugh, midfield, Fairfield Prep (Conn.) - A versatile, under-the-radar two-way standout, Kavanaugh is a leader with a high IQ.

Tom Conley, attack, Mamaroneck (N.Y.) - Conley is a good inside finisher, but he’s also very crafty and has great vision, and he’s coming off a big junior year.

Peter Layne, defense, Austin (Texas) - An athletic, positionally-sound defenseman, Layne doesn’t rely on throwing a ton of checks. Instead, he’s happy to match footwork and stay between his man and the goal, and he can play either LSM or close.

Jyasi Watson, midfield, City College Academy (N.Y.) - Watson has athleticism for days and thrives in transition. He can blow by people on his way to the rack, but he also plays high level defense.

Griffin Moore, attack, Trinity-Pawling (N.Y.) - Moore has some Canadian to his game as a big lefty finisher. He can also run out of the midfield, though, and he has a good IQ.

SweetLax Florida
Top commits

Max Schalit, defense, Ponte Vedra (Fla.) - Notre Dame
Kyle Cox, attack/midfield, Oak Hall (Fla.) - Mercer
Drew Mayts, defense, HB Plant (Fla.) - Mercer
Carl Klepper, attack, St. Andrew’s (Fla.) - Mercer
Parker Junod, midfield, Winter Park (Fla.) - Mercer

Uncommitted players to watch 

Jackson Canfield, defense, Bishop Moore (Fla.) - A star football player who recently decided to focus on playing college lacrosse, Canfield is physical, fast and smart, and he’s an elite level athlete.

Dylan Frankhouser, FO/M, Jupiter (Fla.) - Frankhouse took every rep for state champion Jupiter, Built low to the ground, he uses his very quick hands to get the clamo and can push the rock in transition. He can score and feed, which makes him a fast break threat on every faceoff.

MJ McMahon, attack, Cardinal Mooney (Fla.) - McMahon has change-of-direction for days. He’s a shifty, quick, lefty jitterbug attackman with a knack for finishing.

Team 91 Orange
Top commits

Greg Campisi, LSM, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) - Ivy League
Christian Mule, attack, Half Hollow Hills West (N.Y.) - Duke
Jake Caputo, midfield, Middle Creek (N.C.) - Duke
Angelo Petrakis, FO/M, Massapequa (N.Y.) - Cornell
Mike Alexander, defense, West Islip (N.Y.) - Yale 

Uncommitted players to watch

Kyle Munson, goalie, Calhoun (N.Y.) - A 91 mainstay, Munson has continued to progress every year. He does a good job of maintaining his composure in tight and makes a solid outlet pass.

Van Parker, attack, Broughton (N.C.) - A big righty, he can also shoot well lefty and finishes well. Blessed with great size, he’s put up back-to-back 90+ point seasons for Broughton.

Andrew Giovinco, attack, Syosset (N.Y.) - On the heels of a nice year for Syosset, Giovinco is a strong righty with a slick stick. He’s a good scorer

Team 91 White 
Top commits

Jared Paquette, goalie, West Islip (N.Y.) - Yale
Christian Michaels, goalie, Kings Park (N.Y.) - UMBC
Salvatore Pascarella, LSM, Half Hollow Hills East (N.Y.) - Saint Joseph’s
Vincent Orlando, defense, Bayport-Blue Point (N.Y.) - Hobart
Spencer Frank, midfield, Smithtown West (N.Y.) - Hartford

Uncommitted players to watch

Will Puccio, attack, Garden City (N.Y.) - A top dodging option, Puccio has plenty of change-of-direction, is excellent at attacking from X, shoots with both hands and is an excellent scorer.

Gavin Pappas, midfield, Garden City (N.Y.) - Pappas logs heavy minutes for 91, thanks to his excellent dodging skills from up top. He gets downhill in a hurry and is a big-time shooting threat on the EMO.

Ryan Butler, midfield, Seaford (N.Y.) - Butler makes his return after an injury during football season, but he’s still a high-level athlete. A tenacious, scrappy, versatile player, he can play SSDM and then grab a pole on man-down.

Kyle Bonesteel, midfield, Rocky Point (N.Y.) - Bonesteel can also easily bump up to attack. He’s very quick and an excellent dodger from behind with good vision, and he can also shoot.

Billy Gordon, midfield, St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) - An under-the-radar middie, Gordon makes a ton of plays. He thrives in transition, exudes toughness and has a good frame to add size, as well as having the right mentality.

Thunder LB3
Top commits 

Cameron Henry, defense, McCallie (Tenn.) - Duke
Ryan Siracusa, attack, Centennial (Ga.) - Maryland
Cade MacLeod, attack, Roswell (Ga.) - Georgetown
Eli Ensor, midfield, McCallie (Tenn.) - Ohio State
Justin Sherrer, LSM, Etowah (Ga.) - Villanova

Uncommitted players to watch

Reid Edelstein, midfield, Lovett (Ga.) - A 6-1 middie with good strength, Edelstein excels between the lines. He shoots the ball well with either hand and possesses excellent vision and great grades.

Ian McCauley, attack, McCallie (Tenn.) - A shifty X attackman with excellent vision and a high lacrosse IQ, McCauley dodges well to either side and finds the open man. He’s a great game manager who excels at finishing inside.

Chandler Dula, defense, Greater Atlanta Christian (Ga.) - Both fast and quick, Dula is capable of erasing the opponent’s quickest player. He stays in guys’ hands and forces them to the sidelines, and he also has strong grades.

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