One Percent Showcase 2021 Evaluations

One Percent Showcase 2021 Evaluations

More than 50 of the top 2021 players in the country made the trek to Capelli Sports Complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey to compete against the best. The My Lacrosse Tournaments evaluation team compiled notes on every player.

Class of 2022 Evaluations

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Class of 2021 Evaluations

No. 3 Jack Pastore, attack, Xaverian Brothers (Mass.) / Coyotes (Highlights)
All-Star. An attackman with a low center of gravity, Pastore has a strong lefty shot with good deceptiveness in his release and pinpoint placement. He’s able to look off defenders, shoot high or low, and is fearless around the cage. A tough-to-knock-over attackman, he knows how to use his body to create space.

No. 23 Brendan Doller, midfield, Yorktown (N.Y.) / Predators (Highlights)
All-Star. Dollar showed good quickness, the middie able to get off a strong left-handed shot. He uses his body well, particularly on the attack, to create space to get off that shot off. 

No. 36 Jake Dandrea, goalie, Newtown (Conn.) / Team 91 Tri-State (Highlights)
All-Star. Dandrea is the kind of goalie that doesn’t just affect the game in the crease. He’s a good shot-stopper, especially on high shots, and comes up with just about every save he should get and some he has no business getting to. But he’s not afraid to leave the crease to make a play, including on clears, where he’s willing to take a hit to make a play.

No. 43 Fitz McLaughlin, attack, Springside Chestnut Hill (Pa.) / Big 4 HHH (Highlights)
A cerebral attackman who knows how to pop in and out of dead spots in the coverage, McLaughlin also did a nice job of moving the ball quickly in transition, particularly on one pretty give-and-go play where he picked up an assist from GLE. McLaughlin always plays hard and is a good finisher from inside of 10 yards, where he places his shots well.

No. 47 Brady Rauner, defense, Ocean City (N.J.) / SouthShore (Highlights)
All-Star. A midfielder by trade, Rauner was one of the tournament’s defensive standouts, someone who seems to relish the physicality and less glamorous aspects of the position. He’s strong on the ground and on loose balls in the air, good at moving off-ball, really physical with the stick and with his body and willing to track opposing attackers far from goal. Might have found himself a new position. 

No. 61 Daniel Muller, goalie, Chaminade (N.Y.) / Road Warriors (Highlights)
Muller’s path to a starting job at Chaminade is blocked by some of the country’s elite goalies, but he’s still got the talent to contribute at the Division I level. He showed that at the showcase, where he was one of the standout shot-stoppers, expertly tracking shooters. He has good technique on high shots and tracks low shots well. Once the ball is in his stick, he’s an asset on clears with excellent distribution.

No. 65 Colin Kuni, midfield, St. Augustine Prep (N.J.) / SouthShore (Highlights)
The lefty has a hard, side-winding shot that is difficult for goalies to pick up, especially through traffic. He’s good at creating space off the dodge, can toss shot fakes at defenders and gets down the alley with authority. 

No. 67 Ethan Sieb, attack, Lincoln-Way East (Ill.) / Team Illinois (Highlights)
All-Star. The attackman scored a couple of impressive goals, including one in the all-star game. He is good at getting off accurate shots in transition, has strong shoulders and uses his body well to create space in tight areas and is a solid finisher around the crease.

No. 69 Nate Snyder, attack, Notre Dame (Pa.) / Upper Level (Highlights)
Snyder is an attentive attackman, always moving off the ball and looking to make himself an option. He’s shifty and agile in his change of direction around the cage, with a low-to-the-ground frame and good quickness. He impressed with a couple of nifty goals in transition.

No. 76 Griffin Minuto, faceoff, Garden City (N.Y.) / ICON
All-Star. Minuto has outstanding hands at the X; when he wins a draw, it’s usually a clean one, which launches attacks that he’s able to contribute to with his patience and precise passing and his shot threat. When he draw stalemates, he’s got some power in his stance to keep the battle going and engage his wings.

No. 78 Cristian Reyes, midfield, Xaverian Brothers (Mass.) / Coyotes / Saint Michael’s (Highlights)
Reyes brings a lot to the table as a middie. He scored a beautiful behind-the-back goal, using his long arms and a natural release, part of a crafty set of releases, fakes and shot angles. He’s a hard worker on the wing, secure with the ball in his stick, and while not a burner in transition, is heady in how he finds space in the open field.

No. 80 Ethan Cronk, faceoff, Ridgewood (N.J.) / Leading Edge / Colgate (Highlights)
Cronk had stretches of dominance at the X, a very physical presence but with supple hands on the draw. He can win them with force or finesse, and he’s strong on the ground when the win isn’t clean and the ball is up for grabs. He’s also very cognizant of where his wings are and adept at reading the situation to get them involved.

No. 82 Luke Price, midfield, Malvern Prep (Pa.) / Mesa
All-Star. Price is an imposing middie, tall with a high center of gravity and strong upper body. He’s got a deceptively quick first step off the dodge, a variety of shot angles and gets a lot of leverage on his shot, especially off the sweep dodge. He’s got a great defensive motor to make that physical frame pay off. Price made plays all over the field and should boost what should be another loaded Malvern team this spring.

No. 85 Andrew Caslow, attack, Episcopal (Va.) / Next Level (Highlights)
All-Star. A physical operator out of X, Caslow is smart on the dodge and can shoot off either side. He’s got soft hands on the crease to receive passes and quickly shoot, and he possesses an array of shot options with good power and placement.

No. 86 Joey Patierno, defense, FDR / 845 
A big-bodied defender, Patierno is deceptively quick, able to jump into transition in the open field and with good footwork in tight quarters. He’s active in the passing lanes, a good on-ball defender and a stable passer when clearing.

No. 89 Ethan McKinley, midfield, Vandegrift (Texas) / Iron Horse (Highlights)
All-Star. The Texan is an all-around solid midfielder with a blend of shifty quickness and subtle strength that lets him find space for a powerful shot with a high release point that hits top corners or low bouncers. On defense, he’s got great off-ball awareness, a constant threat to pick off passes. He’s also able to body up midfielders, with good footwork in the two-man game.

No. 90 John Nagle, midfield, Duxbury (Mass.) / Laxachusetts
All-Star. Nagle at full speed off the dodge of in transition is a daunting prospect to stop. He knows how to use his speed to get out of trouble in the open field, can get off accurate shots at full stride and is great at drawing slides while being not afraid to absorb contact. An accurate feeder from up top, he’s also a great outlet in transition on the defensive end. 

No. 107 Rudy DeFilippis, defense, White Plains (N.Y.) / Team 91 Tri-State (Highlights)
DeFilippis relies on his good technique on the ball with a heavy stick that is constantly harassing attackmen. His lateral footwork is very good to stay in front of defenders, and he’s strong on the ground and in transition passing.

No. 109 William Prokesch, midfield, Sayville (N.Y.) / East Coast Elite
A lanky middie with a frame to pack on size, Prokesh gets a ton of torque on his shots, making him a threat to shoot from anywhere inside the restraining line. His height and long arms give him a range of shot angles, and they are an asset in leveraging opponents on the defensive end.

No. 112 Wade Mutz, midfield, Strath Haven (Pa.) / Providence Road
All-Star. Mutz, who will be a multi-year starter for the Panthers, is an athletic midfielder with a good array of moves and quickness to toss at defenders. He’s unafraid of contact, and he thrives when given time and space to let it fly. 

No. 116 Stuart Kyle, midfield, Loudoun County (Va.) / VLC (Highlights)
All-Star. Kyle works hard on both ends of the field. In attack, he’s got good hands and is a decisive passer. He excels defensively, with good awareness off the ball that makes him a threat to pick off passes, strength on the ground, on-ball physicality and poise and speed in transition.

No. 120 Danny Zabbia, attack, Half Hollow Hills West (N.Y.) / Team 91 Ambush (Highlights)
All-Star. A powerful attackman, Zabbia possesses a cannon of a right-handed shot and a relatively quick release given his size. Even though he recently dropped close to 30 pounds, he can still use his physicality to shed defenders, particularly when he lowers his shoulder operating out of X, and his height at 6-3 gives him a ton of angles to shoot from. He’s also an aggressive rider on clears. 

No. 122 Shane O’Hara, midfield, Fauquier (Va.) / VLC (Highlights)
All-Star. O’Hara is a big threat off the dodge, able to pick out his shots high and low at high speed. His first step throws defenders off, and he’s got excellent balance when poles lean on him. Defensively, O’Hara has good footwork and is willing to initiate contact.

No. 125 James Tillotson, LSM, St. John Paul The Great (Va.) / VLC (Highlights
All-Star. The LSM is an end-to-end threat who can take it all the way to goal in transition. Rangy with long and powerful strides, he’s a really good communicator within the defense, works hard on the wing and reads the open space on clears well. His defensive principles are sound, and he’s excellent on the ground.

No. 128 Nicholas Loria, LSM, Pelham Memorial (N.Y.) / Team 91 Tri-State
All-Star. A physical LSM, Loria works hard on the ground, able to get his big frame down nimbly. He brings a certain type of grit, tenacity and physicality to the LSM spot with good awareness in the defensive half.

No. 131 Chris Barry, midfield, East Meadow (N.Y.) / Team 91 Blaze (Highlights)
The middie has a very downhill game. He’s got a strong athletic base and powerful strides when he gets going. With the ball, he’s got a devastating sweep dodge and a quick release, but he’s also got great awareness of the game, especially in transition, where he shows good decision-making and restraint. He’s rock-solid defensively, where he does a nice job of guiding his matchup to low-percentage scoring areas. 

No. 132 AJ Apel, goalie, Bridgewater-Raritan (N.J.) / 2Knights / York (Highlights)
All-Star. Apel, who recently committed to York, one of the top Division III programs in the country, made a case as the best goalie at the event. He sticks with shooters high and gets low impeccably well. He’s an excellent communicator with a quick first step to cover shots or get out of the crease to contribute in transition. He’s also very good at sticking with rebounds and challenging shooters.

No. 137 Thomas Kennedy, midfield, Tappan Zee (N.Y.) / O2
Kennedy brought a calming presence to the offensive end, frequently making the simple, effective play. He did a nice job of cutting off ball to get to open spaces, and he found a way to make some good plays in the clearing game. 

No. 138 Ryan Ott, LSM, Commack (N.Y.) / Team MDP 
Ott is a quick and aggressive LSM with an active stick and great leverage, constantly pestering his matchup when he’s on the ball. He’s quick enough to defend far from the cage (and to outlet in transition), excellent on the ground and works hard when he’s not on the ball to get involved.

No. 139 Vincent Cappelli, defense, Yorktown (N.Y.) / Team 91 Tri-State (Highlights)
All-Star. A very good cover man, Cappelli is always tuned in on defense. He’s constantly communicating, reads cutters well and is aware of what’s happening off ball. When he’s on the ball, his stick is constantly in the attackmen’s hands, and he covers a lot of ground with his long stride and hustle.

No. 151 Finn Maguire, attack, Xaverian Brothers (Mass.) / Coyotes (Highlights)
A shifty attackman, Maguire can make things happen out of X, using his quickness to create space against bigger defenders. He’s a factor when he’s off-ball, too, constantly moving to make himself available. He’s got soft hands on the crease and is a very good finisher in close.

No. 330 Brendan Pedisich, East Meadow (N.Y.) / LI Tide (Highlights)
Pedisich is a solid all-around shot-stopper, able to get to shots high and low, and he made a couple of head-turning saves. He’s active in hopping out of the cage to help his defense and is clean in his distribution on clears. 

No. 382 Christopher Montazella, faceoff, Lyme Old Lyme (Conn.) / Middlesex Bears (Highlights)
All-Star. The faceoff guy has a great attitude at the X with a strong mentality to move on to the next one after a loss. He’s good on the ground, has a great work ethic to win loose balls and engages his wings well.

No. 383 Shaine Luzietti, defense, Newtown (Conn.) / Team 91 Tri-State (Highlights)
All-Star. Luzietti is the kind of player you want defending GLE. He has good speed and great footwork on slides, great technique with his stick, a solid stance and excellent fundamentals, all to go with a big body. He’s good at tracking down the ball out of the air and has his head on a swivel in the defensive end. A vocal defender, he’s also a good passer and a valuable escape valve on clears.

No. 384 Christian Daniels, defense, Middle Creek (N.C.) / Team 91 Carolina
All-Star. Daniels is an excellent on-ball defender, with good footwork and the ability to stick with attackers’ change of speed. Once he has the ball, he’s just as dangerous, with great awareness in transition, the ability to to turn upfield and distribute, good calm with the ball and the ability to turn on the jets to get out of trouble. He wasn’t afraid to mix it up and get scrappy, either. 

No. 385 Mason McClay, LSM, Eastport-South Manor (N.Y.) / Empire (Highlights)
All-Star. The LSM isn’t the most imposing, but he makes up for it with a great stick, both in the poke check that is constantly in his hands and on the ground. He’s very aggressive on the ball, aware off of it and is elusive on clears.

No. 386 Evan Makar, midfield, Yorktown (N.Y.) / Ballers
All-Star. Makar has good size and athleticism, able to create space off the dodge with his strength and his speed. He’s got some good moves around the cage with his high center of gravity and is difficult to stop when he gets moving. On defense, he’s willing to work and responsible in his assignments.

No. 387 Campion White, midfield, Middle Creek (N.C.) / Team 91 Carolina (Highlights)
All-Star. White stood out with how active at both ends. Offensively, he always wants the ball and knows what to do with it, as a good facilitator from up top and a downhill dodger with a powerful shot, high release and pinpoint accuracy. Not only is he a willing and physical defender, but he picked up a pole late in the all-star game with his team down a defender and immediately caused a turnover.

No. 388 Nicholas DiSalvo, defense, Smithtown West (N.Y.) / East Coast Elite
All-Star. DiSalvo does a little of everything defensively. He’s strongest in close defense, but he can also man the wing, quick and clean enough on the ground to be a factor. He’s also very good with the ball, finding the space well on clears and executing passes to avoid trouble.

No. 389 Michael Lupton, midfield, Seton Hall Prep (N.J.) / BBL (Highlights)
The middie is a strong option in midfield, quick enough to get himself out of trouble in the open field. He’s secure on the ball and a very good passer, and he’s got some shiftiness to help create separation. 

No. 390 Brian Russell, attack, Kellenberg Memorial (N.Y.) / FLG (Highlights)
All-Star. Russell is an active attackman, with a deep arsenal of moves out of X who distribute swell to teammates from behind the cage. He scored and impressive behind-the-back goal at full trot in transition, and on the times he got stuck in the defensive half, he showed the footwork to do well with it.

No. 391 Nicholas Colantonio, midfield, Mount Sinai (N.Y.) / Empire (Highlights)
All-Star. The gamer of a middie was one of the tournament’s stars, making an impact all over the field and always going at 100 percent. He’s lethal in transition and off the dodge, able to get shots off at full stride. He also gets his teammates involved, a strong passer whose hands are always in motion and whose head is always up. Colantonio is also valuable on the wing and defensively with his quickness.

No. 392 Paul Freyre, attack, Kings Park (N.Y.) / East Coast Elite
The attackman has a good hard shot. He’s got a variety of options when he looks to go to goal, able to toss spins and feints on the crease or choose different shots, including a one-hander.

No. 393 Kolson Huff, midfield, Holly Springs (N.C.) / Team 91 Carolina (Highlights)
All-Star. The 6-3 lefty midfielder is shifty for a big guy. He’s great off the dodge, able to shoot with power and placement while moving at high speed. Defensively, he’s a responsible marker and is strong in transition. Just an all-around clean skillset.

No. 394 Aidan Kellachan, attack, Westhampton Beach (N.Y.) / East End Elite (Highlights)
An active attackman, Kellachan is not afraid to go into dangerous areas and has a knack for finding space on the crease. He’s always got his head up looking to find a teammate. When he did call his own number, he brandished an impressive jumping shot that is hard to track.

No. 395 Braeden Vieni, attack, Calhoun (N.Y.) / LI Hitmen (Highlights)
Able to dodge to both sides, Viene is adept at orchestrating from out top, particularly for an attackman. He showed a good low shot on goal, has really good hands around the cage and works hard on the ride.

No. 396 Luke Wetzel, attack, Downingtown East (Pa.) / Freedom
A productive attackman with good moves around the cage and the ability to make catching tough passes look easy, Wetzel was aggressive and is thoroughly confident with the ball in his stick. He mixed in some nice shot fakes and could score or pass equally well.

No. 397 Kyle Jusas, defense, Harborfields (N.Y.) / Legacy
Jusas is a quality on-ball defender, able to lean on attackmen, move his feet to keep them in front and keep them at bay with an active stick. He’s got good footwork and excellent stick technique. Off the ball, he’s got his head on a swivel on the crease. He’s also clean on the ground, a good passer in transition and athletic enough to get the ball out of trouble.

No. 398 Wesley Ralph, goalie, Harborfields (N.Y.) / Team 91 Ambush
All-Star. Ralph made the best save of the day, one where he was stepping out of the cage before a deflection moved the ball back in front of the net and Ralph dove back into the cage to deny the attackman. In addition to the spectacular, he provided plenty of solid play, making good adjustments to shooters. He communicates well with his defense, reads the attack well to call slides and hustles out of the cage.

No. 399 Luke Ellman, goalie, Manhasset (N.Y.) / Tri-State (Highlights)
Poised and composed in the cage, Ellman finds a way to make some very difficult saves look easy. He had quick hands to gobble up shots, and he moved his feet and hips fluidly to get post to post. Ellman also made smart decisions in the clearing game.

No. 400 Casey Fortunato, midfield, Northport (N.Y.) / Team 91 Ambush (Highlights)
Fortunato isn’t afraid to mix it up physically and he did a good job of getting to tough spots to make plays. Give him time and room to step into his shot and it’s going in, and he’s got a pretty hard shot and regularly gets his hands free.