One Percent Showcase Info Released

One Percent Showcase Info Released

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The inaugural One Percent Showcase is finally here.

Eight teams of the best 2022s in the country, along with an elite group of four 2023 teams, take the field Sunday, Oct. 11 at Capelli Sports Complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. They cede the way to a three-team group of 2021s on Monday to cap off what should be a terrific weekend of lacrosse. Division III coaches, as well as professional players Matt McMahon and Ryan Ambler, PLL coach and four-time Syracuse All-American Ric Beardsley and former Navy, Stony Brook and Dartmouth head coach Rick Sowell are among the coaches who will be working with the players. All film from the event is being sent to all coaches across the country, including Division I coaches.

CLICK HERE to see highlight reels of players attending the event. The list will be fully updated prior to first faceoff.

“I’m so excited to catch this group of incredibly-talented players in action. We’re expecting so many of the best players in the class,” One Percent Showcase co-founder Matt Chandik said. “Whether they’re uncommitted late ’21 gems, committed or uncommitted top ’22s and the elite of the elite players in the ’23 class, they’re going to be pushed to the max with some outstanding competition. Bring your A game this weekend or get left behind.”

Event coverage will be provided through multiple social media channels, which are listed below. All games at the event are being filmed by NextPro and film is included for every player. CLICK HERE for highlight reel information from NextPro at an additional cost.

One Percent Showcase
Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020 (2022s and 2023s only)

Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 (2021s only)

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